Five tips if you are hoping to move before Christmas

Five tips if you are hoping to move before Christmas

The race really is on if you want to move house by Christmas, or as soon after as possible. There are some things you can do, however, to make relocating as quick and easy as possible.

Get ready to sell

Even before trying to get to grips with mortgage rates and the conveyancing process, make sure your current home is ready to sell. Think about smartening it up a little to add to its kerb appeal and make sure you declutter now before you’re tempted to move things that you really don’t need.

Be patient

Don’t be afraid to make the fact that you want to move quickly clear to your solicitor and estate agent but there may be times when you just have to be patient.

Spend any extra time you have on making sure you understand moving technicalities such as conveyancing by browsing such sites as It can also pay to start thinking about how you will settle yourself in as quickly as possible when you get into your new home.

If you are viewing a new house, make sure that the vendor knows you want to complete quickly. It is also worth reading more on the property buying process at

Pick the right removal firm

A good removal firm can really take the stress out of moving and, if you choose one that does the packing too, can also make the whole process a lot less time consuming for you.

If you are packing yourself, leave at least a fortnight to box things up and, as said previously, make sure you only take what you actually need or really want. Label your boxes with what they contain and where they want to go in your new home to make unpacking as fast and effortless as possible.

Let people know

As soon as you have exchanged, make sure you let everyone that needs to know about your move. You could always write your new address in a Christmas card to kill two birds with one stone and save on extra postage.

Take care of your smallest family members

Try to get someone to look after small animals and small children if you want to make sure that moving day goes as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.