9 Simple Ways To Make Your BBQ Healthier

BBQ’s are great in Summer when the weather is nice and you have people around, whether it be your family or friends. The trick to making the BBQ healthy is to pre-plan, and here is what you should plan to have done:

Choose low-fat meats – this is an obvious one, but it really does make all the difference. By getting your family familiarised with low-fat meats that have plenty of minerals and flavour, you’ll be already making a great change that will benefit everyone.

Ensure the grill is clean – having a clean grill can mean the difference between getting unwanted germs and not getting germs at all. What would you rather?

Use marinades – marinades help to add flavour to your cooking, but did you also know that they help to reduce the likelihood of one developing cancer? Marinades with olive oil and/or citrus juices are the best ones to use as they can reduce cancer chemicals forming by at least 99%. This is such a simple change or addition that can make a lifetime of difference.

Avoid marinades with high – fructose corn syrup – High-fructose corn syrup has been linked to ageing, and it’s extremely unhealthy.

Use herbs – herbs and spices add extra flavour to your BBQ. Herbs including basil, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano, have been found to have a powerful dose of healthy antioxidants, and thus reduce the formation of free radicals from entering your system dramatically.

Don’t undercook or overcook – get the meat just right, undercooked meat has been linked to food poisoning through bacteria that is left over, while overcooked meat can contain large sources of PAH’s and HCA’s (which are well known to lead to stomach and colon cancer in humans). By getting the meat just right by having the temperature at the right temperature, you’ll be making eating 100% safer for everyone to eat. Plus, it will be so much more enjoyable!

Take the skin off the chicken – the skin on chicken is packed full of fat, and is something you just don’t need. By cutting it off before cooking you will be saving others, and yourself, from extra fats and calories.

Include salads and vegetables – get the extra nutrients and minerals you need by including salads and vegetables with your meat. By doing this you will add a greater variety of taste and choice, and be making your BBQ packed with fibre in addition to the high amounts of protein in the meat.

Opt for low-fat sauces – it’s very common to want sauces on your meats and salads, but this doesn’t mean you need to go for the most fattening sauces out there. Opt for low-fat sauces such as Worcestershire sauce, chilli sauce, tomato paste and soy sauce. Keep in mind that chilli sauces will help to boost your metabolism as well; all the more reason to have it at your BBQ.